3 Steps to Have Fulfilling Sobriety for Men

Have Fulfilling Sobriety for Men

Hey guys it’s Erik Johnson here. Today I want to talk about how to have fulfilling sobriety for men. I am going to give you three important steps that will just rock your sobriety, you won’t be bored anymore, you’ll know exactly what to do. So stay till the very end because these tips are life changing. 

Have Fulfilling Sobriety for Men

I have been sober for over 13 years, and I’ve had a great time being sober, and I would never go back to drinking. So listen up, let’s do this! 

Number Three – Health

So step number three is you’re going to get your health back where it used to be in your 20s.

Now I’m going to give you some techniques on how to do that. The first thing you want to do is you want to taper off sugar. There’s sugar in everything, so you’re going to have to really look at your labels when you buy food. 

You’re going to want to get into ketosis, so you’re gonna want to go towards a keto diet, that means a lot of meat, cheese, dairy. If you don’t like dairy you can substitute it with almond milk or whatever but you’ve got to really look at your carbs and get into ketosis as soon as possible. 

So you’re gonna want to have a lot of high fat in the beginning, and you’re going to want to drink a lot of water, you’re going to have to exercise to get all that stored glucose out of your body to get into ketosis. You can even water fast a couple days and just really get all of that sugar out and then get into ketosis. 

The other thing you should do is start walking. If you haven’t walked for a while, it’s good to get your legs back in shape. Starting walking 30 minutes a day can really elevate your mood, make you feel a lot better and it can lower your blood pressure and do wonderful things. 

It can really ease your mind and your stress. So look into walking and work your way up to jogging if you can. 

You can also do interval training, where you jog for a minute or two full force and then take a breather for two minutes and then jog again as hard as you can.

Hiit training is very good at activating your growth hormone levels and getting rid of fat really fast. Plus, you’ll get a huge adrenaline spike so look into HIIT training. 

Then, what I like to do is racquetball because it’s fast, it’s exciting. I am like a dog on a ball, and I like watching that ball fly around. I have Asperger’s, so I am very easily entertained watching a ball hit walls but it’s fast, it’s loud and it’s exciting, 

Plus a lot of home workout systems are coming out online. My favorite thing right now is the Peloton bike, but there’s wall mounted gyms, you know like, I forgot the name tonal, tonal is one, the mirror is another. 

There’s many different home workout systems you can get, or just go back to the gym if you want but definitely start working out and start losing that belly fat. 

If you have pre diabetic tendencies, you might have to look into some insulin health supplements like Golo and there’s other ones that you can find on Amazon. You can also look into testosterone boosters, but this will really get you back into shape, not only physically but mentally. 

Number Two – Wealth

Number two is get rid of your debt. So we’re going to talk about your finances, you’re going to want to lower your overhead and start lowering your credit cards and get to that place in your 20s where you didn’t have a lot of debt and you’re a lot happier because we get weighed down by our credit cards and our bills and our overhead, and it’s just a total mess. 

So look into getting rid of some cards or consolidating them or get debt consolidation if you’re really in trouble, and get your finances and work on getting your credit score up to 850 which is the highest, because that will make your life a lot easier, you’ll have purchasing power, and it will be a lot easier to lower your stress.  

The other thing you can do is start branding yourself and working from home because I’ve worked from home since 2016. I love working from home. It’s something you should look into. 

If you can’t work from home 100%, you can still maybe look into telecommuting for your job, but definitely start working from home, look for internet marketing opportunities. 

Like I said, I’ve been blogging and doing YouTube since 2016 full time. I work only an hour or two a day, and I love what I do. 

I don’t dread waking up in the morning because I’m excited about the day forward, you know, with the creativity that I can do. I’m my own boss, I can create whatever I want. 

So definitely look into internet marketing and branding yourself. Look at your passions and see if you can monetize them. You pretty much can monetize anything out there, under the sun. 

Look into supplements or things that you love taking and find an affiliate program for it. 

Maybe start a YouTube channel about the topic that you love, and just start consistently doing videos. Pretty soon you will show up in Google, and people will start buying stuff through your links. So definitely check that out. Get your finances in order. It will make you feel a lot better. 

Number One – Spiritual

Finally, number one is spiritual. So you have to turn off that TV, turn off that radio, it’s just noise, it’s fear porn. It makes us angry, it makes us more stressed out than we need to be. 

Learn how to meditate, half an hour of meditation a day can completely transform your life. The other thing you can do, by raising your vibration ,you can listen to podcasts while you’re going to work, you can read certain books, you can listen to books with Audible, and just start learning again.

We just get stuck in this rut where we don’t want to learn anything new and we’re just stressed out about our job, but learning will actually create dopamine. 

It’ll make you excited about life again, it will give me new ideas, and there is nothing more wonderful than a mind full of new exciting ideas so definitely do that. 

Plus, seek God if you are sober, then you definitely need to find a higher power because we can’t do this on our own. So definitely look into AA or other 12 Step programs, read the big book from AA and start reading the Bible, the New International Version is what I read. 

Definitely check out what Jesus has said because it is the truth, it definitely goes right to your heart, and there’s no lying there’s no BS. When God speaks, it is definitely the truth, it’s the living word, it doesn’t die, it doesn’t age, what they said in the Bible is still applicable today. 

This world is getting more evil and distorted by the day, so it’s good to seek God, especially in a private place where you can get alone with God, and just pray every day to have God make you a better person, to cleanse your heart, and to forgive your past, and these are the three steps to have an awesome fulfilling sobriety, hit that subscribe button if you’re new here, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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