Drinking Alone and Want to Go Sober?

go sober

Are you drinking alone, depressed or suicidal, and want to go sober? I have been sober for over 10 years and I was sitting in a dark room shaking and crying when I decided to stop drinking. Here are my tips on going sober.

I am not going to bog you down with my long sobriety testimonial. I will get right to the point and say that drinking had gotten to the point where I didn’t even feel human. 

I pissed in my bed every night, got drunk twice a day, and stopped eating because I didn’t want it to ruin my “buzz.” Drinking had become life or death and I didn’t want to live, but there was something keeping me alive.

Going Sober When Everything is Lost

I had gotten sober hundreds of times, but it was always short lived. I could go 12 to 18 months of sobriety in my 20s, but alcohol was getting stronger and stronger and my sobriety bouts were getting shorter and shorter.

How I finally quit drinking was I had really hit rock bottom and I knew it. There was this feeling in my heart that I knew the drinking gig was up. There comes a time that we know truly deep down that we are lying to ourselves. That time for me had come.

Want to Really Go Sober? Do This

It was like a moment of clarity that alcoholics get when it gets really bad and I jumped at that window of clarity to save my life. 

I was living in a bad relationship. She was like fuel and I was the spark, at least when I drank. 

We had taken turns beating each other up, she was strong, and one time she went to jail because I had more bruises on my face and body than she did.

So, one morning, I had that moment of clarity, and walked home to my converted school bus that I had owned for 20 years. It hadn’t been lived in for months and I had to clean it up.

I slept for 14 hours a day and slowly stomached mild food until I had enough strength to get a full time job, then two.

I told her I had to be alone for a while and think. After a month, she finally realized we were over. 

I got busy with two jobs and stayed away from anyone or anything that reminded me of alcohol.

If you want to truly get sober you have to lose the drinking friends and the places where you drank. The easiest thing to do is move. If you can’t, then hide out and save your money.

I list everything I did in detail in the video below. The bottom line is you have to completely start over. You can’t romanticize drinking at all or think about the good ole days. 

You have to kill the demon alcohol by doing everything differently. That means, hurting some feelings of your old drinking friends. It has to be life or death for you.

If you want to go sober you have to get that moment of clarity, that moment where you know deep down that you have to save your life and you are going to sacrifice your old habits completely to get there.

You will get new friends, you will get a new job, you will find sober hobbies that feel good, and you will replace bad treats with healthy treats. In the end, sobriety beats dying from booze, even on the hardest sober days. Thanks for reading. Please watch my video and leave a comment and subscribe. Plus, here are more resources to go sober.