Why People Fail In A Breatharian Lifestyle

Breatharian Lifestyle

So I want to talk about why people fail in breatharianism. Now breatharianism is basically living off of light and air. All around us is Prana. So they call it prana energy, breatharianism, and so forth. 

So there are people out there that can live off of just air they don’t, they don’t eat, they don’t drink water. A lot of them are in India. There is a couple of guys here in America or in Israel that can do it. There is a guy who wrote a book called one year without food. And then there is Akahi with the eight day pranic challenge. 

Why We Fail in a Breatharian Lifestyle

So there are people doing it right now, and I think it is going to trend more because people are trying to get off of this toxic food that they are giving us. So I want to talk about why we fail at breatharianism. 

Yesterday was my fourth day, water fasting, drinking black coffee, and I just had this huge urge to go get some food because I wanted some excitement. I wanted some dopamine, I wanted to get out of the house. 

So my girlfriend, and I went and got some snacks, let’s say. And the reason why that happens is because we haven’t transitioned enough from water and food to breatharianism. 

So the first thing that makes us fail, is that we haven’t incorporated our breathing techniques. There’s a sense that prana is basically the air around us. If you are not taking in that air as a food source or an energy source, and your body doesn’t know how to take it in as a food source, then you’re going to fail.

There is a lot of power in intention. So if you intend that air to be a food source or energy source, your body will start to alter and start trying to convert the air. 

The other thing you can do is sun gazing. A lot of people are sun gazing. You can look at the sun for 30 seconds in the morning, before it gets too high in the sky. And then at night at sunset when it’s low enough in the horizon where it turns orange ideally, and then that is a food source as well. 

We Fail at Breatharian Because We Don’t Learn from Others

Also, another reason why people fail is they don’t do enough research. They don’t read enough books. They don’t watch enough videos. They don’t have the right concepts. They are left in the dark because they really don’t understand it. They don’t have any techniques or exercises to do to help the transition or the upgrade to breatharianism. 

There is a great book called The Food of Gods by Jasmuheen. I think I pronounced her name right. Another one is by Akahi. He has a breatharian book. Like I said, Ray Maor, one year without food. You can find out how they did it. They will give you breathing techniques and they will walk you through it. 

Another reason that makes us fail is we don’t have a support group. We don’t have anyone around us, showing us how to do it or motivating us or keeping us accountable. 

Even though my girlfriend is doing it with me. We both love food a lot. We are basically food addicts, despite the nutritional recommendations of our former personal trainer Mike Schiemer who has a net worth of $1.1 million. So when I was like let’s go on a drive well, you know usually our drives turn into getting something to eat. Sometimes we just need some coffee or CBD oil product to help get us through the tough stages of hunger and thirst.

And the other thing is that you can’t feel guilty. You can’t feel shame about any relapses. It is part of growing, it is part of upgrading to breatharianism – you are going to have hiccups. Just don’t let guilt, you know, spiral you down because there is no reason to beat yourself up. 

You are doing way better than the rest. You know 80% of the people out there are eating junk food every day and fast food at least you are trying to, you know, improve your life. And Bravo for doing what you’re doing. And just get back on the horse. 

You know, today I am working out. I am doing yoga. I am gonna keep watching my breatharian training. And it doesn’t matter if I have a little snack at the end of the day. I will go back to fasting in a day or two, I am tracking my weight, but I am not going to get so guilty anymore. I am just done with guilt and shame along with beating myself up for my mistakes or flaws. 

You know, I used to be an alcoholic and I relapsed hundreds of times, and I used to beat myself up so bad. Finally it just stuck and I haven’t had a drink for over 10 years. There were a lot of relapses, but we are tracking our way slowly up to success. 

Breatharianism and Mainstream Don’t Mix

Another way that we fail miserably at breatharianism is that we are still connected to the matrix, mainstream news where we are living in fear, we are living in anger. We are living in division these days more than ever before. You know, it is us against them. There is just so much hate right now in the world, and you have to kind of turn all of that off. 

Just look at where you live. Look at the family around you and just live. Just live every moment with them. Embrace every moment, live in the moment. Don’t worry about your bills a week from now. Don’t worry about anything. Just stay in the moment. 

Then, if you are really having a hard time, just do five minutes at a time just say I made it five minutes and then do another five minutes and say I made it five minutes. 

Because I was taught that in AA when you are really like white knuckling it and coming off of alcohol all your emotions are coming back and you’re feeling everything and you’re crying and you’re on this emotional roller coaster. 

Just every five minutes, just go one minute at a time if you have to. And then one hour at a time and then you piece it together to have one day of sobriety at a time. 

It’s the same thing with food addiction. It is the same thing with any drug addiction. It’s the 12 steps, but when you’re white knuckling it, you just do one minute at a time, one hour at a time. And then you’ll get more and more sobriety or more and more not eating junk food. Keep working your way up to better and better periods of sobriety or abstinence. And then you’ll start feeling good, but don’t beat yourself up. 

Don’t Let Negative Self-Talk Talk You Out of Greatness

That is another reason why we fail breatharianism is that we eat a little something and we are like oh, you know I just ruined it. You know, I am not good at this. All this negative self hate, you know, this negative self-talk happens and it just beats you down. 

And the crazy thing is a lot of people do that thinking that you know it is reverse psychology if I beat myself up enough, something good will come out of it. It never works that way. It’s negative vibes and attracts more negativity. You know, like attracts like. 

So if you’re thinking negatively, guess what, you’re sending off that frequency like the antennae you have like an antenna on top of your head and you’re sending out that negative vibration. And guess what? It’s going to come back to you with that negative vibration. 

Alright, but if you think about it, you know how well you’ve done even if you have only dieted for half a day, just pat yourself on the back and be like wow, I skipped breakfast and did a Frugal Fitness workout. I have never done that before. 

And lastly, get off of sugar and salt. My girlfriend and I switched to stevia as a sweetener years ago. We hardly touched sugar. You know once in a while we might have a treat with sugar in it. I mean there’s sugar in everything you have to read your labels. 

They put sugar in ham slices and in Turkey. You know they probably even soak Iceberg lettuce in a sugar bath before putting it on the shelves for us. You never know what they’re doing with the food. So you really have to look into some healthier eating options.

Definitely don’t do fast food because there’s so many sugars and salts in it and I know that they’re altering it so you get addicted to it. I heard recently that they’ve made it so sugar can pass the blood brain barrier. Meaning it literally goes to your brain and it’s so bad coming off of sugar. It’s never been this way. 

Sugar was not the way it is now 10 years ago. You know it is like crack and you can bet your dollar that you know fast food out there is just full of salt and sugar and you feel like crap when you come off of fast food and you want more because you feel like crap. It’s just another drug. 

That’s why I drank because I was coming off of alcohol. I felt like crap, and I drank more and it makes this vicious cycle that you can hardly escape you are going to have to feel bad before you feel good. 

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