How To Go From Addiction To Prana Energy

prana energy

Ever since I was 2 years old, I have been trying to escape something unseen, and over the years I have accumulated various addictions. From coffee, to music, to porn, drugs and alcohol – even rocking back and forth, I was addicted to escaping. Then, I found prana energy. . .

Our Early Fasting Attempts

In 2016, I was hit by the holy spirit and the holy spirit changed my life. I felt truly loved by a “father” and it released a lot of guilt and shame I had – but then I would go back to overeating or masturbating. I just couldn’t seem to stay on the right path.

During this time, my girlfriend was doing the Master Cleanse, which is basically drinking a gallon of water per day with lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne in it. She turned me on to it and I went for 5 days and she went for 21 days.

Although Master Cleanse is cleansing, it didn’t really do great for weight loss, and it certainly didn’t make me feel closer to God – it was easy to drink because the maple syrup gave me energy and was sweet. Not really a transformative thing.

Then, she tried using just herbs in black water. She went 5 days essentially doing a wet dry fast – just 16 ounces of black water in a day with these herbs. This was a more intense fast and she could barely walk. This is when I learned about cell rejuvenation, called Autophagy.

So, to make a long story shorter – we got to the point where we wanted to dry fast because it had the quickest results and brought us close to the edge of death (at least it felt like that) and closer to God.

Ultimately, we didn’t just want to cleanse or lose weight, we wanted to feel a strong spiritual connection to not only God, but to ourselves. The holy spirit had made me want more love from a higher power and I knew it was there to be accessed.

Prana Energy

In 2018, Misha (my girlfriend) stumbled across a movement of people living on Prana. She took the course offered and could then use the techniques to help others. We did the breathing exercises everyday and miraculously I didn’t want sweets afterwards and it reduced my autistic rocking.

So, instead of torturing ourselves just doing a dry fast the next time we did it, we decided to add the breathing techniques to it. All of a sudden, fasting with no water or food was easier and there was a profound spiritual connection to Prana, or Angel of Air, Source, or the Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it.

Prana for Addiction

As more and more people awaken from the matrix of lies from the mainstream, they are realizing they have power within them to heal themselves. No more are the myths believed that you die in 3 days from no water, and 14 days with no food. (you can see all over search engines mainstream outlets making people who don’t eat food look crazy.)

Addiction is devoid of spirituality. We use drugs to escape feeling empty or not wanting to feel pain. Prana instantly wipes away the pain and suffering of this world and our past. It quickly resets us into realizing that we are powerful co-creators of God. Prana is literally the Food of Gods.

I was addicted to everything because I lived with shame, guilt, regret, bitterness, etc. Prana is God’s love at its purest and it’s very hard to feel anger or fear when fasting.

How to Start Prana Energy

I’m not going to say the same line of BS that a lot of publications say “consult your physician first” because doctors don’t want us to realize our power. They essentially want to sell us medications instead.

But, I will say this: You definitely need to start changing your habits before even thinking about fasting and doing breatharian techniques. The quickest way to get ready for a fast is switch from sugar to stevia, switch coffee to Yerba Mate, drink at least half a gallon of water per day and stay away from carbs or unhealthy fats.

You might want to try doing a juice fast first for a few days to reset your body and get all the salt and sugar and toxins out first. Then try a water fast for a couple days. Get connected to a breatharian group on facebook. Do you research first. It’s completely worth it!

Prana energy is where I want to stay moving forward. I was an addict and rocked over 47 years for a reason. I am stopping rocking and moving forward in sharing the power of Prana. Thanks for reading!

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