Write for Us Adult Autism & Addiction

Are you a survivor of Adult Autism and Addiction and want to help others with your story?

Or, maybe you are a content creator within the Addiction or Adult Autism space and want to get the word out about your services? 

We are looking for intelligent writers for Addiction Freed to contribute guest blog posts.

We are seeking original content not published anywhere else for Addiction Freed, so please write for us!

We are looking for:

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • Articles over 600 words with 100% unique content
  • One External Link Allowed.
  • English Writers
  • Engaging content with a focus on remedies for healing.
  • No Overly Promotional Work.
  • No Spam or Explicit Content.

We will check all work for originality and plagiarism before publication and backlinks inserts.

We reserve the right to not accept article or link submissions if we feel it is not a right fit for Addiction Freed.

We charge a nominal fee per article for our time and to support our hosting plus domain costs. We accept payment through PayPal.

For Inquiries, Please contact us here.

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