Below are tools and websites where you can get the best treatment and help for anything related to addiction, alcoholism, mental health, asperger’s and autism. Here’s the best Autism and Addiction Resources.

Autism and Addiction Resources

Before we get started, realize that withdrawal from certain drugs and alcohol can be life-threatening in of itself, depending on how much you use. 

Seek medical supervision if you feel you need assistance in withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. (Check out ReHab Spot for Medically Supervised Rehab Centers.)

**If you’re having an emergency, call 911 immediately

Let’s get started. . .

One of the greatest places to start your recovery are 12 steps programs. There is a 12 step program for everything from overeating to falling in love addiction.

What I like about 12 step programs is that they are self-paced and based on concrete principles that are truly life-transformative. 

Here are the best steps to get the most out of a 12 step program:

  1. Do 90 meetings in 90 days.
  2. Get a sponsor (ideally someone you find interesting)
  3. Don’t do your addiction between meetings.
  4. Get the book for that particular 12 step program.
  5. Volunteer at the meeting (wash dishes, clean, etc)

Look for a local 12 step program near you:

AA NA OA Sex & Love Addiction

Addiction is usually merely a bandaid for something that is going on deeper inside you. You could be covering up a trauma, low self-worth issues, mental illness, or many other ailments by your addiction. 

Some people have a dual-diagnosis prognosis, which means they not only have addiction issues, but they could also have Borderline Personality Disorder for example. It’s important to address both at the same time.

For Autism

The most liberating thing I’ve done is self-diagnosed for Asperger’s. It placed the last piece of the puzzle of my life back in place and was a tremendous relief.

Take both of these tests:

Autism Spectrum Quotient

Empathy Spectrum Quotient

If you test for Asperger’s and want to know more about Autism Spectrum Disorder in general, click Here

Here’s my Asperger Tips on Youtube


Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Addiction

CBD Products – Can Reduce edginess and give a sense of calm.

Kava – Kava really helps my anxiety.

Gaba – Gaba tickles the same receptors in the brain that alcohol does – but is a lot healthier!

Yerba Mate instead of Coffee

Stevia instead of sugar

Keto Diet – Very Low Carb diet that can shred the pounds while getting rid of anxiety-producing carbs.

Paleo Diet

Meditteranean Diet – Fish, nuts, olive oil, stuff that really helps your brain and body.

Other Treatments for Addiction

Sauna – The sauna helped me not only lose weight and detoxify – it also greatly reduced my anxiety. It’s also a great post-workout treat!

Walking/Running – Running can create a “jogger’s high” which could be more satisfying than any other high that is bad for you.

Misha and I at the Nihue Rao Retreat 2016

Ayahuasca Retreats – Ayahuasca is powerful plant medicine used mostly in South America. You will work with Shamans who guide you through a life-changing experience.

Ibogaine Retreats – Ibogaine has been shown to help overcome Opiate Addiction.

Health Retreats

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this resource for Asperger’s and Addiction.

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I wish you all the success in the world! God bless you. Keep in touch!


Erik C. Johnson