How to Stop Autism Anxiety

Today, I’m talking about how to stop autism anxiety. So it’s rather simple. I know you already know the answer, but you’re watching this video or reading this because you want to see what I say. 

Last year and a half has been a total struggle for me. I have Asperger’s, and one of the key traits of Asperger’s is we like to control our environment. We like to control our surroundings because we don’t feel safe, and we need predictability. 

Last year and a half, nothing has been predictable, my body hasn’t been predictable, my finances haven’t been predictable. The world isn’t predictable. 

In fact, we all have been struggling this last year has been really, really hard, and no one is really giving us straight answers on what’s going on. There’s a lot of uncertainty. 

I’ve basically had to walk away from my business. I’ve had to walk away from several different brands that I started. I’ve sold a couple blogs that you know I’m not using anymore because I’m not in network marketing anymore. I’m not in certain companies anymore. 

I’ve had to rebrand and then those brands don’t launch. I wanted to lose 30 pounds and lose weight. I’ve gained 15 pounds since being here in Texas. So there’s a lot of uncertainty. And if you have depression or Asperger’s or autism or you’re an addict right now and you’re just like close to ending it, I have to give you some really good advice, and this has really helped me. 

It’s worked miracles in my life, and that is to drop all expectations. Just drop all expectations because I’m a planner. In fact, every morning when I wake up, or even before I go to bed, the night before I have a certain plan in mind, I have an image in my mind of what I want to do. 

And when I wake up in the morning, it’s me against unpredictability which is our world today. There is nothing that’s predictable. So I’m setting myself up for failure by waking up in the morning and creating a plan. I set myself up for failure by creating a plan before I go to bed. I’ve done this all my life, even when I was a heavy alcoholic and getting wasted every day, I still had a plan of what I wanted to do in a year or five years, I always had to have a plan to feel good. 

In fact, I used to look at college catalogs just to feel good. It gave me a sense that I was in college, even though I wasn’t in college, I would look at classes that I wanted to attend. I would write them down, and that was enough just to make me feel good, but it was a lie. It was an illusion. 

I never went to any college, I went to a couple of community colleges, but when I became a drunk, I hadn’t been in college for 10 years, but I still had a dream, I still had a plan, and all of that stuff never worked out exactly the way I planned. It never does work out the way we want it. Ever. 

How to Stop Autism Anxiety

So if you want to feel some relief, and some reduction in depression and anxiety, stop the plans, stop the expectations, stop every single expectation. 

In fact, this morning. I had an expectation, and it wasn’t met. We we’re going to go to Starbucks, and I got in the car and I was warming up the car and Misha got held up inside the house, and I waited 10 minutes. I was starting to get mad. 

I was like, I’m wasting gas here idling waiting for her. I was like, that’s the plan Erik, that’s an expectation, drop it right now. Turn off the car and go do some yard work until she’s ready, until she comes out and don’t give her any guilt. 

So that’s what I did, turned off the car, did some yard work. You know I’m trying to start this fire here. She eventually came out, and I just said you know I did say a little crappy thing I was like, you know, did you know I was waiting for you I thought we were leaving. And she’s like, oh yeah I’m sorry. 

Two years ago, I would have been furious. I left the car running, we’re wasting gas I’m, you know, what are you doing inside, we should have left. 

So today, I am relaxing. I am done with expectations. I still have the belly, and I still don’t have tons of money, I don’t have the Porsche 911. I don’t have crap. I don’t even have, we don’t have our own house, we’re living with family. 

I had a video yesterday on my other channel. It got 12,000 views in three days which is the biggest video I’ve ever had. And I was expecting YouTube to pay me a lot of money. However, my income was still the same on YouTube.  

I was averaging $7 a day. Did that video help my income? No still the same. That was an expectation that didn’t work out, you know. 

So if you want to feel complete freedom, stop the expectations, stop the routine. Stop the schedule, stop the planning, stop the dream building, the law of attraction Bs, you know, sure, you should still think positively but if you’re doing vision boards and all that crap, never worked for me, I did it solid for three years. 

Drop the expectations. I don’t even have plans for this video except I wanted to talk about, you know, reducing your anxiety and depression, and it all stems from our plans not coming to fruition, our schedule not being met; our plans not being fulfilled, our dreams not being realized. It’s what’s keeping us depressed and anxious and discouraged. 

There’s so much discouragement right now, because we’re depending on someone to save us. You know, it’s really hard for me to find the right information on what’s happening right now in the world. I don’t want to say anything too much. I don’t want this channel shut down. 

But you know what’s going on. And you’re either watching mainstream or you’re, you’re watching something else it’s giving you more of a clear picture. And it’s really hard to see if any progress was being made yesterday when I was tending to the fire. I heard jets overhead. And I heard sirens, in fact, 12 unmarked cop cars went zipping past our house. 

Things are happening. but you have to look around and do your own research. You’re not going to find it on TV. And yes, a lot of people have already died a lot of good people have already died. A lot of people have already committed suicide. A lot of people are OD’ing. 

Homelessness is skyrocketing. It seems like our world is going to hell. And the only thing you can do is let it go. And then, you know, there’s these dates if that gets thrown out, you know like, oh wait until this date and then something will happen. Wait until this date and something will happen. It’s like, No, none of those dates have happened. You gotta let go. 

Sometimes, some days you have to let go every hour. Well okay that didn’t work. Just let go, while I’m waiting for this to happen. And it didn’t work. Let go. I didn’t have a great conversation with my dad, it wasn’t magical, it didn’t last two hours. Let it go. It’s okay if it was only 10 minutes. He said he said he loves you. He said he’s proud of you. 

I have these big plans, and every day I wake up and I go, Oh, it’s not how I wanted it. Every day. I go to bed at night thinking tomorrow’s gonna be big. I’m gonna go viral. I’m gonna have more money. I’m going to be down two pounds. Everything is going to be great, and I wake up and I go, it didn’t work. 

Just stop that crap. That’s what’s keeping us anxious and depressed and discouraged. So today, I’m letting go. One hour at a time just take a deep breath and say, it is what it is, such as life. It is what it is, such as life.

Now I’m not saying give up. I’m not saying that I’m saying let go of that monkey mind that ego, that’s driving you. That’s complaining that’s really loud in your head, driving you crazy. Ignore that voice, and it will eventually leave you alone. That’s what it is. It all comes down to our thoughts. We have control, we have complete control over our thoughts. It doesn’t matter what happens outside around us. That’s never going to be controlled. We can never control our environment. We can’t control what’s around us. 

And if you’re a control freak like I am. This is a revelation, and all you have to do is stop listening to your voices and stop planning and stop controlling.

My dad was a control freak, and he got on pills, just to help them relax and get out of that control. Now he is sedated. I don’t want to be sedated. I don’t want to be a statistic, another person on pills. 

I’m doing this naturally, and one good way, probably the only way to get back some peace of mind is to stop planning and stop expecting, and stop controlling. That’s it. And today is good because I’m just doing yard work. 

I don’t have to go in there on the computer and hustle and be like Grant Cardone and pump out five videos a day, I don’t have to do that crap now. I don’t have to do 50 push ups and try to break myself to lose weight, I don’t have to go for a jog. 

I don’t have to look in the mirror, I don’t have to do crap, I can just sit here. I don’t have any plans. And that’s where liberation lies, no plans. Right now this moment is all that matters. Stay right here. 

Don’t go flying off into your daydreams and your imagination and your schedule and your, your control. Let it go every single minute, take a deep breath and let go. I don’t need to do that right now say that to yourself. I don’t need to do that right now. Maybe I will do it tomorrow, we will see. I’m not gonna plan it. That is all I got. We will talk to you soon. 

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