How to Reduce Asperger’s Anxiety

How to Reduce Asperger's Anxiety

Hello everyone, today is Day #26 of no stimming, and a lot of anxiety came up last night and I’d like to share some tips on how to reduce anxiety when you are trying to quit stimming or addictions or whatever, and this is just my journey. So, welcome to the channel. Let’s get started on How to Reduce Asperger’s Anxiety.

So around 5pm yesterday, I did a one hour social anxiety hypnosis by Michael Sealey, and what he does during the hypnosis is he goes back, he wants you to go back to the earliest childhood memory where you felt anxiety. 

So this time I felt like going back further than five years old, which is usually where I start, and I kind of made up a scenario, you know, the classroom was probably different than what I remembered or I just kind of did a shot in the dark and created a memory that I don’t know is completely true or not, but I’m pretty sure I was super nervous in preschool when I was four years old.

So I visualized being in a classroom, sitting at my desk at four years old, super super nervous – and what Michael Sealy wants you to do is go back into your past as the adult you and hand your little boy or girl a ball of starlight of wisdom and strength that you hold as an adult. 

Then you comfort your inner child and you say, you know, it’s okay you’re loved, everything’s going to be okay. I will never leave you. You’re safe, you’re protected, whatever words you want to use to comfort your inner child. Then you merge with your inner child. Okay, and what that does is that basically fixes that trauma. 

So then you can start healing yourself as an adult, and maybe we can reduce our stimming and our anxiety that way, or our low self esteem, low self worth whatever. Inner child work is just phenomenal – and, something happened though that was different because normally when I do inner child work, I don’t feel that much different afterwards. Maybe, I’m able to laugh a little bit more, and let my guard down. 

See, we’re moving in five days, and that’s really scary because I’ve been alone for three years, just my fiance and I, but I mean we’re in the middle of the woods. I haven’t seen anyone for three years and we’re moving in five days back to Texas, and my body feels that. 

But I think that inner child work that I did, I think I really hit a bullseye with that one. Because last night, I felt a lot of fear and anxiety come up. I was almost trembling in bed with anxiety. And I don’t think it was just about the move, I think I nailed a bad memory, the trauma. First day of school and first day of preschool. 

So what that does is that this is where most addicts and stimmers run because they start to feel uncomfortable. They have to start moving around doing busy work, more stimming, more rocking back and forth, more trying to run into addictions, eating more sugar, whatever. Whatever your vices are. 

And last night, I was like man I really can’t handle this. You know I hate feeling anxiety. I hate feeling scared. And I’ve always had coping mechanisms ever since I was eight when I started rocking back and forth. I did not want to feel uncomfortable. I did not want to feel anxiety. 

How to Reduce Asperger’s Anxiety

So, last night I faced it, which is what we should be doing. We should really be sitting still and facing all the anxiety, all the uncomfortable feelings coming up, that is the work guys and we are on the right track. If you can sit with your anxiety, and your uncomfortability and just let it come up, because every time we run from that, every time we take a drink or smoke or whatever, that stuff never gets to come out. 

It has to come out to be processed and to be dealt with once and for all, and our subconscious knows what to do. But if we keep getting in the way of the process of healing by running from it, we push it back down. We’re not going to do any of the work. 

So I feel better now. But, of course, I’m going to keep doing this hypnotherapy every single day until we move down back to Texas because we’re going to be living with Misha’s sister and her husband. It’s a very humbling experience because just a year ago I thought we were going to be homeowners and now we’re moving in with her family. So it’s been a very humbling time. 

But it’s a blessing in disguise because my whole brand is changing. I am not doing network marketing anymore. I’m not doing affiliate marketing anymore. I want to help people with addictions, and with Asperger’s. So, basically all this crap this last year, everything political financial spiritual physical, all of this stuff has led up to this point where I will emerge as a new person. 

Of course change is very uncomfortable, especially if you have autism or Asperger’s change is super scary. So, i’ll give you some techniques that I am using to ground this anxiety, and the first one is to sit still and visualize a cord going down into the earth. Okay. It could be a crystal shaft, it could be a cord, it could be a cable. 

But what you want to do is you want to take that cord, down from the base of your spine down into the core of Mother Earth. Okay and anchor it. Okay. That’s the first thing you can do. Another thing you can do is deep breathing. Okay.

So, when you breathe in, breathe in five counts. So it’d be 12345. Then when you breathe out, visualize when you breathe out visualize all that stress going down your shaft to Mother Earth. You want Mother Earth to digest it for you. It’s kind of like you’re flushing your spiritual toilet, so to speak. 

So, work on your breath, slow down your breathing. The other thing you can do is inner child work hypnotherapy, like I said, the social anxiety one by Michael Sealey is really good. 

Then there’s mantras. So, there’s one that I really like. There’s a couple actually that I really like. One is called Ho’oponopono and you say: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. 

Now, you can say that towards your inner child, because your inner child could be scared of your actions, and has been hidden for many, many years. I know because I’ve done inner child work in the past, but then, you know, a day later I’m fapping and eating sugar and cussing and it scares my inner child back into myself, and I can’t do work when the inner child is hiding.

So basically this is like an apology to your inner child. You can also do it to other people. You can say it to yourself, you don’t say it out loud, you can actually can visualize other people and say I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. 

This came from a doctor in Hawaii. I think his name could have been hono Pono or something like that and he did that to all of his patients in a mental hospital, he was a doctor. And after two years of doing honopono, the hospital closed because all the patients left. The hono Pono worked. So try to feel it from your heart when you say it. And there’s variations. 

So another one I say is, I love you. You’re safe now. And you’re supported. You can say that to your inner child. I love you. You’re safe now. You’re supported, or you are loved. 

So when you say those things enough, because we all have self worth issues if you have Asperger’s or autism or if you’re a recovering addict or you’re still using, we have very low self esteem – usually were beaten down from drugs and alcohol and we’re still dealing with wounds from our childhood.

That’s why I keep talking about inner child work because pretty much all of what we’re doing as adults is either running or healing – running from our past or healing our past. 

Running from our past could be using drugs and alcohol, whatever, or even, you know, trying to get status in society, working really hard to make that money.

You know, because really, you have low self esteem and you’re trying to get approval from others by status. A lot of guys do that, they work their butts off to make a million dollars because they basically want to get an atta boy, that they never got from their fathers. A lot of them I’m not saying every one of them. 

So, positive affirmations, mantras, self talk. You could wake up in the morning and say you know I’m really proud of what you’re doing, Erik, you know, you’re doing really good. I’m proud of you. You could say that to yourself every single morning, or if you need to work on yourself, you know healing your inner child you could say I love you I’m sorry. You’re safe now you’re loved. 

So that’s basically it. The breathing. The hypnosis, the self talk and trying to get off of caffeine, because uh you know that instant coffee is really hard on you. I just kicked it again. I bought another jar of instant for a week and I was off of coffee for three days.

We are just doing yerba matte, which is a really clean caffeine, looks like loose tea from South America, and it gives you clean energy. Instant coffee is like crack. Stop using instant coffee for three to five days. See, and then try instant coffee again. and you’ll see what I mean, how sketchy it is, and acidic. 

So, and if you’re eating sugar, switch to stevia. Those two things alone would greatly reduce your anxiety. Stevia might taste a little funny at first, but then you’ll get used to it and then it’ll taste like sugar. I think it’s a lot better than sugar. 

So, life is a trip. It’s a wild ride, glad to be alive still. We’re moving back to Texas. It’s going to be warmer. We’re going to be around family. We’re gonna be around her family. And you know, I’m tired of running. Tired of isolating, tired of just, you know, 26 days ago I was rocking 14 hours a day. zoning out, daydreaming and just listening to music. The same thing I’ve done for the last 40 years. 

And God was like, it is time. You know, it is time to do something with the 40 years of stimming, you know, inspire and help others to quit. That’s my new mission in life. It’s not network marketing, it’s not affiliate marketing it’s not even really blogging. It’s helping you guys. 

Hopefully I help a few of you, as I help myself. Because life is a trip. And this is day 26, hit that subscribe button if you are new. Welcome to the journey, I’m really glad you’re here. We’re gonna do this together guys I mean, I’ll let you know how Texas goes because I’m kind of freaking out. 

But the grounding this morning really helped and I’m gonna keep working on my inner child and try to provide him a safe environment so he can come back and heal completely, which will re-integrate him into the adult Erik. It might sound a little woowoo to you but it really does work. 

You know, one week of inner child work and I find myself laughing more and being playful more and it really does work, so hang in there. I love you, God loves you. You’re safe now. Stay away from those substances and life will get better.

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