How the Holy Spirit Sobered Me Instantly from Psychedelics

Holy Spirit Sobered Me

Hey guys, Erik Johnson. I want to talk to you about my testimonial with the Holy Spirit, and how the Holy Spirit sobered me instantly from psychedelics.

Holy Spirit Sobered Me

Now, I am going to start from the very beginning of my story, and work all the way up to what happened. 

So, you know, I have always been prone to addiction. Ever since I was eight years old, I wanted to escape reality. 

I started to rock back and forth, kind of like an autistic child, because I think my parents were very strict and I needed to escape and go into my own imagination and fantasy world. 

I became a rocker, and when I was 12 I discovered heavy metal or hard rock, and I was just enamored with the music, it just took me away, it just made the rocking even better. It just added to the rocking and heavy metal was so powerful for me I just remember being so mesmerized. 

But it was the wrong kind of music. I started listening to Iron Maiden, Ozzy, and Judas Priest and they were all saying corrupt stuff, you know, it was really dark, but I wasn’t a type of person to listen to the lyrics and a lot of the lyrics I couldn’t even understand or hear over the drums and the guitar. 

I became a drummer myself when I was 12. So when I listened to songs, I basically just listened to the drummer, but subconsciously I know that a lot of those messages got inside of me. 

When I was 17, I discovered alcohol, and that was the biggest, most magical thing in my life at that point. It was like a magic carpet ride, I thought I was immortal, I thought I was invincible. 

But I started to do really bad things with it. I used to rip off things. I would steal bicycles and eventually I broke into houses while buzzed. 

By 18, I dropped out of high school, and I am rocking. I am listening to hard rock and I’m drinking, then I started exploring LSD. 

All my punk friends were doing LSD in our small town and the skateboarders and I was playing hacky sack and pretending I was a hippie and I lived in a van, my parents kicked me out. 

So it became a strange world, and I think I was just trying to find love and acceptance and I thought that the LSD would take me to a higher realm. 

I didn’t really know about Jesus, but I did have a friend that became a born again, and he went to a Christian school, and I went to a regular high school. 

But, he took me to a Carmen rock concert when I was 18. It was in the Tacoma Dome. This was like in 1989 or something, and I just remembered Carman’s name because I watched another Holy Spirit testimony last week and someone mentioned Carman.

I was like that was the name of the guy who had a rock concert and I could feel a palpable energy in the stadium. You know, there was a lot of the Holy Spirit there. There was a big presence but I was lost, I wasn’t ready to accept Jesus yet. 

So, I just kept partying and I did a lot of LSD trying to rewire my brain. I didn’t want to be like my parents. I wanted to be insane. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to explore the universe, but none of it really involved God. 

Fast forward a couple decades, I became a drunk. I was addicted to everything I can get my hands on. I was watching porn. I was basically a sex addict, and started doing really perverted things with myself while doing meth and just went into a very dark world. Very scary. 

My whole house permeated with this dark energy. I started to date a girl that was an energy healer, and she believed in God, and I remember she came over to the house and she was kind of taken aback just by the energy. 

At that point, I had been sober for two years. So, it stained the walls of my house, so to speak. 

But let me backup a little. When I was 32, I was drinking so heavily that I had a heart attack. It was a mild heart attack, it was at a new job that I had. 

I was flipping burgers for a living, and my chest was already getting really tight at work, I was hung over. I drank tequila the night before, almost a fifth. 

I just turned white and had to go outside and lay down on the sidewalk. I vomited and had diarrhea, and all of a sudden, the waitress that was working that day was born again and she ran to my aid, and she started praying over me. 

At that point I thought it was weird. I was like okay, you know if that’s what you need to do. I didn’t really think much of it but I really liked her, and she was fun to talk to, she was a good Christian, she didn’t turn me off, she didn’t pressure me or anything. 

I liked what she said at work. She was the waitress. I was the cook, and we used to talk and she would never push me or anything and she just led by example, and she was a very good woman. 

She was in a marriage with a guy that wasn’t a believer and he was smoking cigarettes and he would get drunk and go on binges and she stayed with him and I don’t really understand why, but now I do because she was basically leading by example and one day he might turn around with God,  to have patience, empathy, compassion, and so forth. 

So, I had the heart attack but it didn’t slow me down, I started to drink even heavier, and I stopped eating because I didn’t want to ruin the buzz. I eventually did that for four years, I drank heavier than ever from 32 to 36, and finally one day I quit drinking cold turkey. 

My last day of drinking, I had two beers and that probably saved me because when you drink that heavy you can die from the withdrawals, the doctor said I was lucky to be alive. 

So, when I got sober, I basically hid from people and I just worked and went home. I worked and went home and I was still watching porn, and didn’t really think about God at all. 

Then I started dating my current wife, an energy healer, and she basically turned me on to plant medicine, aka San Pedro, which is not as strong as peyote, but it is a plant medicine. She turned me on to spiritual plant medicines. 

We went to Peru. I did Ayahuasca. I was really trying to find a solution at this point because of my social anxiety. See when I got sober, I never learned coping skills, I never learned social skills. 

I started drinking when I was 17. My parents never had friends come over, so I didn’t really socialize. So when I discovered alcohol, I just hid behind alcohol and rocking and music. 

I had friends but it was more like one on one friendships. I could never do groups. If a group of people came around, I would always just ride away on my bicycle. I would be like, see you later. And I hid from people. 

So, when I got sober, I had a panic attack around my parents and I didn’t know what it was and I was really scared. So I started to look into self development, and learn about social anxiety and how I can become a better person, but nothing was really working. 

Until one day, I started listening to Brian Head Welch from Korn, he is a guitarist. He was the ex guitarist of Korn at that point, and he released his first album. 

There is a song on it called LOVE, and it is basically his voice, but he was basically singing like he was Jesus and he said on one of his lyrics. “Stop running, come home to me.”

And that is what just dropped me. Stop, you are running, come home to me, spoken as Jesus, and all of a sudden I felt the Holy Spirit, and it filled my heart to the point where I was crying so hard. 

There wasn’t a bad tear, it was me feeling my heart being filled with the Holy Spirit. God will work in mysterious ways and he’ll work through music or whatever you like, and he can totally change you. 

He did it through Brian’s music at that point because I looked up to rock and roll musicians, so the only way that worked for me for the Holy Spirit to come through was through that music, and I repented. I felt the Holy Spirit fill my heart but then I repented at the same time, it was like a big purge. 

So I eventually did San Pedro, and basically it is like a plant ceremony. It was just my wife and I. It became a bad trip, and we were both sitting on the bed. 

We were both not talking to each other because we were going through some dark stuff, and we both didn’t want to scare each other so we didn’t say that we were having a bad trip.

But we were both having a bad trip, and I was getting really scared because any minute. I was about to call 911 because I felt this panic come on, and I didn’t want my landlord to know that the ambulance came because we were on drugs because then he would evict us. So, I couldn’t really do anything. 

Finally, I said to myself, Jesus, please help us or help me. And all of a sudden, I got sober, I was instantly sober and I got filled with this utmost confidence that I was okay, that Jesus was there, I instantly got sober. 

I was actually kind of giddy because I had known from the bottom of my heart, I knew I was safe. And, I looked over at my wife and I said, Jesus is here. At this point she was crying, and she looked back at me and she was like, I know. I know. 

She ran to the front of the RV and started to gag. She was almost starting to vomit from the plant medicine, and I just sat on the bed, and I was very calm, and I sent my love to her. I said, Jesus help her. Thank you for helping me. 

He filled me with this love that I’ve never felt before, and I knew he was there for me. It was the best thing that no drug could ever duplicate, the love of God, and I knew at that point, without a shadow of a doubt that God was real. 

Since then, he’s come into my house a couple times. One time I was doing archangel meditation on YouTube, and I was laying on the floor with my eyes closed. And when the speaker of the video called in one of the archangels, you know, maybe Michael or Rafeal or Gabrielle, I smelled this really rich cologne wafting through past my nose on the floor. 

You know, how sometimes smells and the cold air can flow along the floor. I smelled this cologne that was from ancient times, and I knew it was one of the angels, because when you call in the angels, they come into your room. 

So if you ever feel like you are under a demonic attack or anything you can always call on Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabrielle, and they will assist you. I smelled the Cologne and it smelled so wealthy in a spiritual sense, and I knew that they were there – and ever since then I have worked with the angels, and the Holy Spirit and definitely Jesus. 

So guys, you know, if you are trying to find God through drugs you don’t need the drugs. All you have to do is just sit still and ask Jesus back into your life. 

It is not about church, it is not about religion, it is about a relationship with the Father, and He loves you so much that it will fill your heart more than you’ve ever felt before, and it is worth everything in this world. I mean, it is worth everything in this physical world to find that love, and no drug can replace it. So, thanks for watching guys, and God bless you.