5 Powerful Tips for Boredom in Sobriety for Men

Tips for Boredom in Sobriety

Are you bored in sobriety? I have five powerful tips for boredom in sobriety. I have been sober for over 13 years and my life is doing pretty well. 

Tips for Boredom in Sobriety

I am pretty happy with my life and these techniques have helped me stay sober, during some really boring or hard times. Here we go!

Number Five – Healthy Adrenalin

So number five. You’re going to want to look into healthy adrenalin exercises. 

The thing with alcohol, is it lights up your dopamine receptors and lights up your serotonin receptors, and pretty much you will fry those out if you keep drinking.

So the more you drink, the less fun it is and you’ll get to the point where you’re just drinking to feel normal. You won’t even feel excited anymore. 

You won’t feel any adrenaline, your life will just be blocked, and you’ll be getting drunk just to chase that feeling that you used to get with an alcoholic buzz. 

So what I mean by replacing old drinking habits with healthy adrenaline is you want to look into high impact sports, you want to look into maybe picking up MMA. 

There’s probably a club around where you live where you can do MMA. You could do boxing. You could also look into playing racquetball, racquetball is super exciting, it’s very fast. I love hitting the ball super hard and hearing it hit off the wall, it sounds like a bullet, really exciting stuff. 

You can also do zip lining, you can look into. Also, pick up running, you can get a joggers high from running which is a very good dopamine creating exercise. 

You can also do hiit training, which is high impact interval training, you just start running as fast as you can, then stop, take a breather and then do it over again, and that will start to fill you up with healthy adrenaline and rebuild your dopamine centers, and you will get in shape, while doing it. 

Number Four – Start a Business Endeavor

Number four, get into business. If you have a job right now and you don’t really like it, it is time to find something new, ideally something online, you could create a new brand right now online.

You can create anything you want out of thin air, I’ve created several brands over the years, all by just doing videos like this and writing blog articles.

You don’t even have to start a blog, but definitely brainstorm some ideas, what are your passions, what are your hobbies, and then you can write down a business plan and start talking about your passions. 

Because you can monetize those passions and your hobbies, and it will give you a chance to rekindle those hobbies that you had before alcohol. 

I used to play drums. I used to play racquetball, and I was very creative and then alcohol came along and I stopped doing all of those things. 

But when I got sober, those things were still inside of me I still had a passion for them and I rekindled them, and I started doing all of those things over again. 

Now, it’s just part of my life and I love it. It keeps me excited. I love business, I love creating stuff, so if you want to do something, learn how to brand yourself online and you can make some serious income, you can start mentoring others. Once you get your brand down, the sky’s the limit. 

The Internet does not sleep, you can make money, passive income 24/7 once you get it created and built, it can start making sales for you around the clock. I’ve done that in network marketing, I’ve done that with affiliate marketing, I’ve built teams in Africa and Asia and I made money around the clock. There’s no better feeling than making money from the internet. So look into creating a brand, and just going for it in business. 

All the money all the time and money you blew on alcohol can be transferred over into a healthy business endeavor, and you’ll be very excited about it, not only by helping others, but by seeing money come in. 

Number Three – Work on Getting that “Wow” Woman 

Now, a “wow” woman is, or if you’re gay, it could be a wow man, but you definitely want to go after a relationship that is worth your time someone who is sober, they don’t drink, they don’t know your past. 

It’s really exciting to get back into the dating game, and learn new skills on how to date women, how to listen to them, how to respect them and how to be exciting. 

You can start to read books on self development, like How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and there’s so many other books out there, just start honing in on your craft, and refine your skills, your social skills, and get out there and start mingling. 

That is if you’re single, if you’re in a relationship, work on that relationship. If you’ve been a heavy drinker, your spouse is probably a little upset with you and probably has some regrets and some resentments that she, or he is not really telling you about. 

So, this is the time to go to counseling, or start looking into couples therapy or relationship books. There’s tons of relationship books on Amazon that you can check out. Look for the top sellers, you can easily find the relationship category by typing it in the search bar. 

Number Two – Community 

As alcoholics, we’re very self centered. So now is the time to give back and help others. Once you get a little sobriety under your belt, you can start helping other addicts and alcoholics. 

A lot of people that quit drinking and drugging will start helping others and it’s a very empowering endeavor and makes you feel really good about yourself because when we’re in our addiction, and we’re drinking. We’re so self centered, we’re just thinking about ourselves we’re destroying relationships and friendships left and right. 

So the best thing to do is get back into a community, look for an online community, or go to your local community center and just start doing outreach and start helping people do community service. 

If you go to AA and do the 12 step program, start washing dishes and helping out, vacuum the floor and find a sponsor, just start doing healthy things and don’t go back to those old places that remind you of drinking. 

Stay away from people, places and things that trigger your drinking and remind you of drinking. Got it? 

You have to cut that off completely. This is life or death. You can’t play around with it, you can’t have any reservations about drinking, it’s got to be done, you gotta hit rock bottom. Okay, 

Number One – Nirvana

Number one is meditation, yoga, Ayahuasca, fasting or drum circles. I call this Nirvana, this is the spiritual aspect of your life. 

There’s so many things that we have untapped into the spiritual world and it’s an incredible world. I’ve experienced the Holy Spirit. I’ve seen angels, I’ve not seen them but I felt them. I’ve felt incredible things. 

My fiance and I went to Peru. We did I Ayahuasca. We did spiritual retreats and I basically felt God, And it’s such an incredible life we don’t even know what we’re missing out on.

Misha and I at a Ayahuasca Retreat 2016

All we usually see is just violence and fear porn, the news and mass media and the music is violent and people are just so angry right now. 

But, just unplug from all of that, find a private room in your house and start meditating and doing breathing exercises and pray to God to forgive your sins, to start over, wipe the slate clean and find some crazy guys as in spirituality and fasting, find a drum circle.

Do crazy stuff, you know, take your clothes off at night and go dance under the moonlight. Do things to start rekindling your youth so you can start feeling young again. 

Because this life is incredible but we forget about all of these things when we’re drinking a lot because we have no dopamine when we’re drinking a lot and we don’t feel good. 

We feel like crap. We feel like we’re dying, and we’re just chasing a high with that beer bottle or hard booze, whatever it is you like, but it’s a lie and it’s gonna destroy you. 

But there is hope and you can get back into all these cool crazy things that you probably did in your 20s. I love meditating, yoga, stretching and getting those muscles loose. 

Get that lean muscle mass going, you know, start drinking vegan protein shakes, and just start losing the weight, meditating and wake up every morning and be grateful. 

Pray to God and say thank you God for a new day. Please make me a better man today. That’s all you have to do and slowly you will start to change and evolve, and just the transformation will be exciting enough that you won’t ever want to go back to drinking. 

If you need some reminders of your drinking, look at some old pictures of yourself and you’re drunk at parties, find some really obnoxious old photos of yourself, to remind you, you never want to go back to that. 

Or just ask your wife or your spouse: Hey, how bad was I when I was drinking. Just be honest with me. You know, because those things will really help you. 

The five things I mentioned right here will change your life, and it will make sobriety fun, exhilarating, exciting, and you will feel like you are young again – and it will never be boring. 

Alcohol is actually boring, that is boring, sitting around puking getting wasted is actually the boring thing, you are not fun. You are not the life of the party anymore. Alcohol is the biggest lie ever. It is demon alcohol, it is a lie from Satan, and it will take you out no matter what.

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