Autism Stress Relievers for Men

Autism Stress Relievers for Men

So today I want to talk about the best Autism Stress Relievers for Men. These are personal favorites of mine, they really help reduce a lot of stress, because when I have a meltdown or some kind of panic attack or someone just pisses me off a certain way, I get this uncontrollable shaking type of adrenaline, my voice starts to shake, I just get really upset. 

Autism Stress Relievers for Men

So, the first technique that I have, which is very easy, you all know what it is, that can really reduce stress quickly, like shaking adrenaline type of energy is just get down and start doing push ups. 

Now if you don’t have a lot of chest strength, you can always do female push ups, where you actually put your knees down on the floor. So you’re just lifting the top half of your body. 

Okay, now if you are stronger, you can do a full body push up. Okay. But I mean when I’m really freaking out, I’ll just drop down and do 20, and then rest for a couple minutes, and then do 20 again if I can do it. If not just do as many as you can and then do another set. Do as many sets as you can. 

You can also say affirmations while you’re doing push ups, you can say I am calm, I am strong, I am confident. I am calm. I am a complete man. I am confident I am calm, I am a complete man. You know, affirmations are very powerful, so are intentions. So that’s if you’re really freaking out.

Another one if you’re kind of aggressive and you have a lot of energy and maybe you’re in a gym or you can buy one of these but it’s a heavy bag. Get some gloves and get a heavy bag or go to a gym or go to a boxing club, if you can be around people. But, get a heavy bag. 

Another one is jump rope. So, I love using my hands. I like being physical. A lot of Aspie guys, they want to be physical and they want to do repetitive things. So punching is repetitious, jump rope is repetitious, you can even count how many jump ropes you can do to get your mind off of the stressful situation right away. If you just count 1234 and if you mess up start over. 1234. Okay, so that’s really good. 

Another personal favorite of mine is jogging. Now, I can only jog like a mile and a half or two miles, but it’s good because what I do is I start jogging, then when I get winded, I just switch to walking, and then I’ll walk for a little bit. Then I will start jogging again. I can do that a couple rounds, you know, and do about two miles, and at the end of the jog I’ll come home and I’ll take a hot bath. It’s the best reward in the world. 

Now if you can jog at a gym, and they have a dry sauna, that is even better. You go for a jog, you work out, then you hit the sauna for 10 minutes or 20 minutes depending on what your tolerance is. You can work your way up to 30 minutes. But make sure that you’re hydrated, drink a lot of water, and hit that sauna. By the time you get out of that sauna, you are going to be so relaxed. I promise you. 

The other one is racquetball or tennis. I love chasing a ball. It’s perfect for Aspies because it’s geometric, you know, especially racquetball because you’re hitting it off of different walls, it actually starts to look like a Tetris game or geometric game. 

I mean I used to play by myself for hours at a time. I’m like a dog on a ball. I hit different corners of walls and see where it goes and hit the ceiling and see where it goes and put spins on it and see where it goes. I can just do it for hours on end. 

So racquetball and tennis, definitely. You can also hit the back wall with tennis, you don’t need a partner. Find a green board backboard and just hit it off the wall. 

The other thing that I’ve done most of my life, I was tapping when I was like five years old and finally my mom got me a drum set when I was 12. I love drumming. So drumming is probably the most therapeutic thing you can do alone. You can buy a hand drum. You could buy a djembe, or you could buy a drum set, you can get a five piece drum set for under 1000 bucks and get some cymbals. 

Or you can just get a hand drum, you can play by yourself, you can watch some YouTube videos to learn how to use a drum – or you can join a drum circle. You know, if you want to help other people with Asperger’s create a drum circle for Asperger’s people and autistic people, and put it on meetup. You know if you live in a city, create a meetup for a drum circle or post an ad on Craigslist but pre screen the people before you invite them over to your house.

There’s a lot of crazy people on Craigslist, so you definitely want to talk to these people. Check out their Facebook profiles before you invite them to your home. I don’t recommend it. I suggest you meet them somewhere like in a park, or even somewhere where there’s like surveillance cameras, maybe meet them initially at like the Walmart parking lot, so there’s cameras there just to be on the safe side. 

So basically that’s it. I love hot baths. I love saunas. Every day I used to go to the sauna. I drink about half a gallon of water before I go in there. You can also add a blue green algae chlorophyll or spirulina, it’s like blue green algae you could add that to your water for a detox kind of mix. And then also Kava is an awesome supplement, I love Kava it’s one of my favorites. It basically tickles those receptors that alcohol used to tickle, and it’s just a great way to. I’m not worried about anything when I take Kava. Same thing with CBD oil. 

CBD oil you have to take every day for about a week or two before it gets built up in your system, and then you’ll see a difference in your mood. If you are really stressed out, like I said, you go for a jog, then take a hot bath, and then take some CBD oil. 

I use the 1500 milligram CBD oil it’s the strongest that this brand offers, but definitely let it build up into your system for a week or two, read the instructions, you’re only supposed to take 20 drops but you can work your way up to full dropper like I do, and it’s just great.

So hopefully these things will help. Stop drinking coffee if you are really aggressive and antsy and shaky. You can always switch to yerba mate, which is a tea, and it has a cleaner caffeine than coffee, it doesn’t leave you jittery. It gives you a clean sustained energy throughout the day so check out yerba mate for natural energy.

Definitely quit sugar. Switch to stevia. And if you’re drinking or smoking, you know those things aren’t good for you and they make you very nervous and anxious so hopefully this helps guys, thanks for watching and we’ll talk to you soon. 

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